Numbers game

The numbers are out for the month of July. Boeing delivered 57 airplanes and booked 73 orders (minus 12 changes/cancellations). Airbus also reported its July numbers, and I find them to be very interesting.

You may remember that on the last day of the Farnborough Airshow, Airbus claimed victory with 380 net orders for the year. But now, they’re only showing 323 net orders through the end of July. And the much hyped “firm order” from AirAsia for 100 A321neos is nowhere to be found on their books.

Will that AirAsia order eventually go firm? My guess is yes. Was it a PR stunt at Farnborough? Some think so. We’ll just have to wait and see how things work out.

Here’s where things currently stand through the end of July.


Boeing: 432

Airbus: 339

Net Orders

Boeing: 334

Airbus: 323

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Dennis Bury (st. louis, mo ):

Just wanted to agree, the key here is what is the number of new planes delivered. That is the real business point and Boeing continues to excel at that level. Keep up the good work, thanks Dennis

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

AirAsia also had a big interest in the C-Series as well, that sale looks like a phantom order or something, I know they have a huge stock of A320s so it is a little strange that the A321NEO that they had ordered by that account is not on any list.

Frank (Dumfries):

I think its only fair to point out that several A350s are hit by supplier problems, I'm sure you're aware. That being the case, the deliveries figure for Airbus, though technically correct are not a true reflection on the state of play.The 787 had similar issues did it not?

Richard Klima (Dallas, Texas):

I do not trust the Airbus order book. Deliveries are more important.

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