Countdown to 500

The 500th 787 is starting to take shape. The mid and aftbody sections for the milestone airplane were shipped from Boeing South Carolina to our Everett factory last week. The airplane begins final assembly tomorrow. Congratulations to the entire 787 team, and I look forward to seeing this airplane roll out very soon.


The 500th 787 midbody section is loaded onto a Dreamlifter for transport from Boeing South Carolina to Everett for final assembly. Josh Drake photo.


The 500th 787 aftbody section. Josh Drake photo.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I have not seen a picture like that before. Congrats on 500 assembled 787 airframes.

Terence Rucker (Des Moines, Wa.):

Just wanted to let the 787 team know how quiet the 787 is on those of us that live in Des Moines. When you live under the flight path of SeaTac, you get to know the sound of every airliner that flies in and out. The 787 is just amazing and even after a few years in the air, I still love to watch one fly quietly overhead and make that long graceful bank to the west.
Thanks to the whole team on making this game-changing airliner a reality.

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