Trillion dollar market

Greetings from Beijing, where I just unveiled the new Current Market Outlook for China— our 20 year forecast for new airplane demand.


Media turned out in Beijing today to hear what’s in store for China’s aviation market.

The big headline: China is now the first trillion dollar aviation market in our global forecast, needing more than 6,800 new airplanes over the next two decades.


737s bound for Chinese customers on the flightline at Boeing Field.

So what are some of the things driving this demand, and why is Boeing so high on the future of this market? I explore that in my latest podcast. Click below to listen.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Great audio cast! I was quite impressed to hear that one in every three aircraft delivered to an airline is going to China and that 30 new airports have been made is a short period of time with many more to be built in the country.

Aaron (Portland):

I have enjoyed the podcasts and wish you'd do more on some of the competitors and their planes.

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