Flying tribute

The newest 737-900ER for Alaska Airlines features a special livery paying tribute to U.S. military veterans. The airplane is painted in red, white and blue—with the words “Honoring Those Who Serve” on the side of the fuselage.


A flying salute to veterans takes off on its delivery flight from Boeing Field. Marian Lockhart photo.

The airplane is an extension of Alaska’s Fallen Soldier program, which ensures the remains of any fallen service member being carried on an Alaska flight are treated with respect and dignity upon arrival.


“Duty, Honor, Country.” Marian Lockhart photo.


The winglet is sporting red, white and blue.

The airline specifically requested that Boeing employees paint the special livery. And it was our honor to do so.


The time lapse video below shows the airplane’s livery being painted in our hangar.

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Tom Cook (St Louis, MO):


It looks like in the first picture, that the airplane has the older style winglets and doesn't have the Red/White/Blue, but the last picture clearly has the new split scimitar winglets with the Red/White/Blue. Any idea on why the difference in the pictures?

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I have never seen a tribute to our soldiers and veterans livery on a commercial plane like this before in many many years. Well done.

Randy Tinseth:

Good catch Tim. We took most of the photos prior to delivery. Alaska adds the split scimitars after taking delivery, and then finished the paint job on the winglets.

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