Good week for widebodies

It was a very good week for Boeing widebody sales. We received an order from Qatar Airways for 30 787-9s and 10 777-300ERs, and an order from China Southern Airlines for 12 787-9s.


The 50th 777-300ER for Qatar Airways.

Qatar is building on its existing fleet of 84 Boeing airplanes, a combination of 787s and 777s, all delivered over the past nine years. With this new order, Qatar Airways increases its firm order backlog of Boeing twin-aisle airplanes from 65 to 105, including 60 777Xs. The airline also signed a letter of intent for up to 60 737 MAX 8s. Those airplanes would be the first Boeing single-aisle commercial model to join Qatar Airways’ fleet in more than 15 years.

China Southern currently has 10 787-8s in service. The airline has opened six new nonstop global routes using 787s, connecting Guangzhou to London, Rome, Vancouver, Perth, Auckland, and Christchurch.


A 787-9 in China Southern livery.

We thank both of our customers for their confidence in our products.

Comments (2)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Glad to see airlines still ordering the 777-300ER and it has been a very good week for 787-9 orders.

Andrew Boydston (Boise ID USA):

On a similar note. Who be the 500th Dreamliner delivered in 2016 program to date?


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