Proven workhorse

I always like to point out some of the great things we’re doing at our Renton factory in support of the defense side of the Boeing house. Earlier this month, we delivered a C-40A Combi to the U.S. Navy Reserves. That’s the 15th such delivery since 2001.


A C-40A takes off for delivery to the U.S. Navy Reserves after receiving modifications. Felix Sanchez photo.

The airplane is based on the 737-700C platform. After being built in Renton, it was delivered to Boeing’s defense and commercial derivative maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in San Antonio. There, the aircraft received an interior modification converting it into the Combi configuration before being delivered to the Navy.

The C-40A is a proven workhorse that can be used in various configurations, including all-passenger, all-cargo or Combi, which can transport both cargo pallets and passengers on the main deck. That versatility and reliability make the aircraft well-suited for troop and cargo transport missions throughout the world.

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