Order book leapfrog

The 787 made history again today. With five new orders rolling to our books this morning, the 787 has now surpassed the 767 in total orders.


The first 787-10 rolls out of the paint hangar at Boeing South Carolina.

Since the launch of the 767 almost 39 years ago, we’ve sold 1,204 airplanes, including today’s 767 Freighter and the KC-46A refueling tanker.

The 787 Dreamliner booked order number 1,207 today—taking only 13 years to do so.

In the process, the 787 has racked up some impressive stats:

140.2 million passengers flown

1.8 billion revenue miles

12.6 billion pounds of fuel saved

120 new routes opened

Equally as impressive, the 787 continues to grow its order book with 67 customers around the globe. We look forward to seeing the new 787-10 fly in the coming weeks—and complete the Dreamliner family when we deliver it to customers next year.

Want to share your 787 stories? After your next Dreamliner flight, share your photos and video on social media — and tag it with #Dreamliner. Your post could end up on our interactive webpage where you can click on the icons to see what others are saying about their in-flight experience. To learn more about how it works, check out my video below.

Comments (4)

Jon (Charlotte):

Hope to fly the 787 soon but the 767 will always be my favorite.

Greg (Boston):

How many 777 have been ordered?

Manos Chatzimaroulas (Greece):

Proud 'n' happy to be one of 140.8 millions!!!

Randy Tinseth:

The 777 has 1,903 orders through January-- including orders for the new 777X.

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